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Managing your own dictation server a little overwhelming?

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Now Bytescribe offers hosting of Orator voice-over-IP dictation servers which is a great alternative to owning and managing your own dictation servers. Dictation server hosting is designed for companies that need complete control over dictation but want the servers to be managed in a data center. The obvious advantage of having the Orator dictation server in a data center is that you don't have to worry about hardware failure or losing power. The personnel at the data center are on staff 24 hours a day. They will take care of any server issue that might arise.
Climate Controlled
Pre-configured Servers
Remote Access

Compare the benefits of Bytescribe Hosted Orator

With Hosted Orator

  • No hardware to purchase (low up-front costs)
  • No telephone lines to install
  • Toll-free or local phone number for dictators
  • Servers reside in a secure managed data center (24x7)
  • Scalable dictation servers (4- to 48-ports or more)
  • Servers are pre-configured but fully customizable
  • Setup and configuration support from Bytescribe
  • Remote access to servers through Remote Desktop or VNC
  • No limit to call-in dictators
  • Affordable monthly fee

Without Hosted Orator

  • Significant cash outlay up front
  • Monthly phone line charges to local Telco provider
  • Toll-free or long distance charges for out of area clients
  • Additional equipment cost for expansion and down time
  • Contract with local service technician if system failure occurs
  • Maintain and support equipment
  • Limited backup options if system failure occurs
  • System will need to be replaced because of age
  • Limits work area because of space required for equipment

How Hosted Orator is Priced

  • 4-port
  • 8-port
  • 12-port
  • 16-port
  • 20-port
  • 24-port
  • $250/month
  • $350/month
  • $450/month
  • $550/month
  • $650/month
  • $750/month

Bytescribe will set up and configure a dictation server and then give you complete control. These hosted servers are running the same incredible Orator dictation software that we have been delivering with our Orator Dictation systems for years.

Toll-free dictation: $.05/minute
Local calls from one area code: $50/month flat rate
Setup fee: $200