Orator Dictation Kit PC Requirements

Below is a description of requirements necessary to install the Orator Dictation Startup Kit.

You will need to have the minimum system requirements:

  • Windows Operating System
  • One available USB port for registration dongle
  • Minimum 20 GB of free hard disk space (this will store about 700 hours of recorded dictation)
  • 1GHz processor or better
  • 512MB RAM
  • Sound card if it is necessary to review voice files before sending them to a transcriptionist
  • Network card if files will be exported to the Internet
  • Available PCI, PCI-X or PCI Express slot to insert voice board (see below)

Verify that you have an available PCI, PCI-X or PCI Express slot in the computer on which you will be building the Orator dictation system. Please specify which type of slot you have available when ordering.


We recommend that you have the following:

  • Power surge protection
  • Phone line surge protection
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • A separate computer for exporting files to the Internet

Recommendations for IT Professionals:

  • We recommend building the Dictation system on computer that has mirrored hard drives using Raid-1 mirroring.
  • We recommend that Orator software is installed on a separate partition on the hard drive different from the operating system and drivers. That way if O/S partition becomes corrupted or infected with a virus, that partition could be rebuilt without affecting the Orator “data” partition.
  • We recommend creating a mirror image of the hard drive using a program like Norton Ghost so that the hard drive could be backed up in case of hard drive failure.