WebShuttle Overview

WebShuttle is a web-based dictation and transcription platform. Dictators can dictate from any phone, handheld recorder or iPhone. Transcriptionists can access dictation and transcription files securely from anywhere.

Interfaces diagram

  • Toll-free and local call-in dictation
  • Dictation from handheld recorder and iPhone/iPad app
  • Transcribe in Microsoft Word or other word processor
  • Detailed billing reports
  • Quality assurance
  • File encryption
  • HIPAA compliant solution
  • Electronic signature
  • EMR Integration

In the ever changing field of medical transcription, organizations need to be able to integrate with Electronic Medicals Records (EMRs) and stay compliant with the latest security standards (HIPAA). Bytescribe has developed a simple and affordable model for managing all aspects of the dictation and transcription process.

WebShuttle allows transcriptionists to effortlessly manage their workflow so receiving files to transcribe and deliver completed work back to their clients has never been so fast and easy.  WebShuttle is all about convenience.  Securely accessing the account from any computer with an Internet connection, transcriptionists can work from just about anywhere.  Organizations of any size can use WebShuttle to manage all aspects of the transcription workflow.

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