DocShuttle Transcriptionist

Every transcription company needs an organized method for managing transcription workflow. An efficient workflow increases productivity and improves turn around. Bytescribe has developed a simple and affordable model for managing all aspects of the dictation and transcription process. DocShuttle Internet Transcription Software is a complete solution for managing transcription workflow.

“DocShuttle Transcriptionist is used to download voice files and transcribe documents”

DocShuttle AdministratorDocShuttle Transcriptionist is the transcription module used to download voice files and upload transcribed documents.

  • Transcribe in Microsoft Word or other word processor
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Custom transcription templates
  • Quality assurance
  • File encryption

The Bytescribe model is simple, secure and it works well. Bytescribe has worked with many transcription companies to develop this system. It is affordable and it utilizes the many advantages of using the Internet to transfer and manage voice files. The Bytescribe model provides all the essential pieces necessary for dictators, transcriptionists and administrators.

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