DocShuttle Release History

New features in DocShuttle version 6

DocShuttle Version 6.0.9:

  • Compatibility with new driverless dongle registration key.
  • New “Online Help” menu option.
  • Fix: “Help | Check for Updates” function works properly with Windows 8.

DocShuttle Version 6.0.8:

  • New setting: Archive funtion to automatically archive old files (default 120 days).
    Archive Settings
  • New setting: Server timezone offset (default 0). If user is working from a timezone different from the FTP server (e.g. EDT), this setting will correct the time for files on the server.Timezone Setting
  • New setting: Calculate size per minute of .dss and .mp3 files in addition to .wav.Filesize Setting
  • New feature: “Show in Folder” function. Select this menu option to display the file in Windows Explorer.Show in Folder
  • New update for Document Manager. This update provides better compatibility for .docx Word documents. Also has “Show in Folder” option mentioned above.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.

DocShuttle Version 6.0.1:

  • Minor fix to VoiceRecorder module for compatibility with DocShuttle 6.0.
  • New setting: “Download FTP files newer than (14) days”. This setting prevents older files that have been deleted from the Local Files from being re-downloaded.
  • The “attachment” icon is now visible for voice files even after the attached document has been printed (and sent to “done” folder). The printed documents also appear in the Attachments window.

DocShuttle Version 6.0.0:

  • Location of DocShuttle “data” folder was changed to individual “Application Data” folder determined by Windows. This allowed for better compatibility for computers with multi-user environments and Windows Vista “User Account Controls”.
  • The “data” folder can be set under the Advanced tab of the Settings window.

New features in DocShuttle version 5

DocShuttle Version 5.9.1 (Transcriptionist):

  • Fix: Encrypted .ds2 files were being changed to .dss extension after decryption. This was corrected.

DocShuttle Version 5.9.0:

  • Minor fix: “Filter by Location” setting was not working when “Enable SSL Compatibility” checkbox was set.

DocShuttle Version 5.8.9:

  • Added compatibility with Olympus .ds2 files.

DocShuttle Version 5.8.8:

  • Faster loading of files (when “Enable SSL Compatibility” is not checked).
  • Connection time displayed during connection.
  • Better recovery from server errors or Internet connection errors.

DocShuttle Version 5.8.7:

  • Modified setting for “Display files newer than …” to not filter New or Stat files.
  • Changed order of file transfers. File attachments are now transferred first. In case of interruption, the files will be resent.
  • Fixed “Total Minutes” calculation in Standard Report
  • Stamp uploaded files with current time, rather than local file time (to fix bug in purge function)
  • Better checking for Internet connectivity before file transfers.

DocShuttle Version 5.8.6:

  • Bug fix: Permission file was being removed if there was a server error during transfer.

DocShuttle Version 5.8.5:

  • Bug fix: Files interrupted by server errors were being marked as transferred.

DocShuttle Version 5.8.4:

  • Compatibility with .docx extensions for Microsoft Word 2007 Compatibility

DocShuttle Version 5.8.3:

  • Minor updates

DocShuttle Version 5.8.2:

  • Minor updates

DocShuttle Version 5.8.1:

  • Allowed DocShuttle Transcriptionist to deleted local files with E (Esigned) status.

DocShuttle Version 5.8.0:

  • Corrected issued caused in 5.7.9 where temporary documents created by MSWord (~*.doc) were being transferred.

DocShuttle Version 5.7.9:

  • New Document Manager version 2.0.5. Report dropdown list no longer shows all users IDs for added security.

DocShuttle Version 5.7.8:

  • DocShuttle Transcriptionist modified so that QA files are only stamped with original transcriptionist’s ID.
  • Changed the eSignature function so that it inserts at Bookmark, if one exists. Bookmark must be named “signature”.

DocShuttle Version 5.7.7:

  • New setting for “Display files newer than …” to filter files by date.
  • New Document Manager version 2.0.4

DocShuttle Version 5.7.6:

  • New VoiceRecorder in DocShuttle Dictator.

DocShuttle Version 5.7.5:

  • Minor updates to DocShuttle Transcriptionist.

DocShuttle Version 5.7.4:

  • DocShuttle Dictator added support for Philips SpeechMike 6294.
  • Bug fix: DocShuttle Transcriptionist received “file was downloaded from different type” message when uploading some files.

DocShuttle Version 5.7.3:

  • New Document Manager window. Reports including Standard Report, Dictator Detail, Dictator Summary, Transcriptionist Detail, Transcriptionist Summary.
  • Document Manager reports can be shown as a “Print Preview” or created as a text file.
  • Document Manager reports can including billing information to create invoices.
  • Files in all subfolders are listed in the Document Manager.
  • Document Manager reports can be created with more criteria including folder name, location code, etc.
  • Document Manager icon added to button bar.

DocShuttle Version 5.7.2:

  • Added “Enable SSL compatibility” checkbox.

DocShuttle Version 5.7.1:

  • Bug fix: Sort order for FTP was not being saved correctly after loading Status Window.

DocShuttle Version 5.7.0:

  • Import option modified to use header information from Olympus recorders including priority status, author ID, job number and work type.
  • Fixed bug when FTP files sizes are over 1000 minutes.
  • Improvements to DocShuttle Dictator VoiceRecorder.
  • Dragging and dropping files from Orator Dictation System will maintain same job numbers.

DocShuttle Version 5.6.9:

  • Import option added for DocShuttle Dictator and DocShuttle Administrator to extract user ID from Olympus files.
  • DocShuttle Client renamed to DocShuttle Transcriptionist.

DocShuttle Version 5.6.8:

  • DocShuttle Dictator and DocShuttle Administrator able to play back .dss files. WavPlayer Lite is added.
  • Electronic signature improved to include dictator’s name instead of just the user ID.

DocShuttle Version 5.6.7:

  • Status Summary window added showing summary of files by status, job type, user, and location.
  • Width of File Name column is saved after when exiting the program.
  • Corrected problem in DocShuttle Administrator when moving encrypted files.
  • DocShuttle Client prevents files from uploading to incorrect job type.
  • Change in DocShuttle Dictator to VoiceRecorder version 2.5.9. Maximize button was disabled so that VoiceRecorder cannot be maximized.

DocShuttle Version 5.6.6:

  • Miscellaneous fields were appearing in the wrong column. This issue was corrected.
  • DocShuttle Dictator has a new version of VoiceRecorder that allows microphones with Bar Code Scanners to initialize correctly.
  • The “Hint” button on the “Create New Word Document” window had a typo. It was corrected to tell users to use “Shift+Tab” to move backwards through the fields (rather than Alt+Tab).
  • Other minor corrections

Version 5.6.5:

  • Bug fix: DocShuttle Administrator and DocShuttle Dictator don’t reestablish a connection after being timed out by the ftp server. Issue corrected.

Version 5.6.4:

  • Bug fix: DocShuttle Administrator move function was corrected.

Version 5.6.3:

  • Bug fix: DocShuttle Administrator sometimes doesn’t encrypt permissions file correctly. Issue corrected.

Version 5.6.2:

  • Support for SSL sites.
  • DocShuttle Client and DocShuttle Dictator can view multiple job types.
  • Added WinInet setting to setting file.

Version 5.6.1:

  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 5.6.0:

New features in DocShuttle version 5.5

  • Electronic signature. Files sent back to DocShuttle Dictator can be reviewed and electronically signed. Microsoft Word documents will be protected and marked and dated with an electronic signature line.
  • A new Attachments window has been added for creating, editing, printing, and electronically signing documents.
  • Menu option added to check for product updates.
  • DocShuttle Client may now import external Microsoft Word templates.
  • Multiple documents can be dragged & dropped from Windows Explorer as attachments.
  • Attachments can be modified by alternate text editors by entering the attachment settings (in Attachments window and Document Manager).
  • Double-clicking on files with attached documents will display Attachments window.
  • Multiple new documents can be created from templates for each dictation file.
  • The Document Manager can be set to print only “electronically signed” documents.
  • Documents and patient info can be sent to transcriptionists by administrators and dictators. A “Message File” can easily be created from the File menu for the purpose of attaching and sending documents.
  • Header information can be transmitted to transcriptionists. (Custom interfaces may be developed to provide patient ADT information).
  • DocShuttle Dictator will transmit medical record numbers and patient numbers to the transcriptionists if entered or scanned. Bar codes scanned with the VIS MicrophoneStation will be transferred to the transcriptionist.
  • Double-clicking on FTP files displays a listing of attachments.

Changes from 5.0.0 to 5.0.8

  • Archiving feature added in DocShuttle Administrator.
  • Settings added for support of other custom sound file formats.
  • Support for registration using USB dongles.
  • Purge function during scheduling fixed on DocShuttle Dictator.
  • Second bar code line added to VoiceRecorder in DocShuttle Dictator for Patient/Account numbers.
  • Simplified and improved registration window.
  • Import button added to DocShuttle Administrator and DocShuttle Dictator.
  • Added option for productivity reports to include spaces in character counts.
  • Sorting columns displays ascending and descending icons.
  • Added turn-around-time reports.

New features added in version 5.0

  • Multiple document support.
  • Transfer of patient information as shown below.Properties
  • Improved security and user permissions.
  • Custom reporting function including integration with Microsoft Word.
  • Ability to continue to work while uploading or downloading files.
  • Document search function.
  • New transcription features including integration with Microsoft Word.
  • Customizable document templates.
  • Transfer of patient information (12 new fields).
  • Automated transcription workflow.
  • Importing and exporting of physician and account lists.
  • Minor bug fixes from previous versions.