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Dictation Package

iShuttle Dictate iPhone App

iShuttle Dictate is a voice recorder application that sends dictation directly into the WebShuttle transcription platform.

  • Download it from iTunes – the mobile app is free for a limited time and a WebShuttle user account is only $10/month
  • Can be used on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
  • Similar to a handheld recorder, iShuttle allows the user to record dictations on a mobile device
  • One huge advantage is that dictation files can be immediately sent to transcriptionists through a wireless Internet connection
  • No need to dock the device or connect it to a USB cable
  • Significantly less expensive than many handheld recorders
  • WebShuttle manages and organizes dictation and transcription files so that workflow is simple
  • iShuttle Screen Images
  • iShuttle Instructions