Orator Voice-Over-IP Express Dictation System

The Orator Express VoIP system is a complete Voice-over-IP based dictation server ready to go out of the box.  This system uses the latest VoIP technology and comes pre-installed with a VoIP account.  Just plug in an Ethernet cable with Internet access.  Each system comes with a toll-free number for dictators to use to dictate into the system.

“A complete VoIP based dictation server ready to go out-of-the-box.”

Easy as 1…2…3

  1. Take system out of the box. Plug in power and ethernet Internet cable.
  2. Add user IDs to dictation software.
  3. Give toll-free number to dictators.


That’s it. It is the easiest dictation solution ever. Starts at a low $1,999 for 4-port Orator Express VoIP Dictation System.