DocShuttle Troubleshooting

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Issue: I have a problem connecting to an FTP site

Verify that you have an Internet connection on your computer. Try opening an Internet browser to see if you can see other web pages. DocShuttle will not work without an Internet connection.

Verify that your Host Address, User Name and Password are correct in the settings window (Click Tools | Settings). Check with your administrator to verify these settings. Your host address will usually be something like "" or an IP address like "".

If you are behind a firewall, try using the "Passive Mode" setting in the settings window (Click Tools | Settings). Some firewalls require this passive mode to get through.

Check the DocShuttle Log (Click Tools | View Log) to see if any information is given as to why the connection failed.

Verify that your FTP address is accessible. Try using another FTP program to connect to the FTP site (Microsoft Internet Explorer, WS_FTP, CuteFTP, etc.)

Issue: I can connect to an FTP site, but I can't see any files

The Initial Directory setting may not be set correctly. This setting may be blank if the job type folders exist in the root of the FTP site. If the job type folders exist in a subfolder on the FTP site, the path to this folder must be specified in the Initial Directory field.

Make sure that the administrator has created folders on the FTP site. The administrator may create folders on the FTP site by selecting Tools | Create Folders on FTP Site from the DocShuttle Administrator menu.

The files on the FTP site are not of the correct type. DocShuttle will display files with .wav, .vox, .dss, and .mp3 extensions. The files are expected to have been uploaded by DocShuttle and not some other program. The files on the FTP server should use the DocShuttle file naming convention.

Issue: I can connect to an FTP site, but I can't transfer files (upload or download)

You may not have proper permissions to the FTP site. With each user name and password, a user is given certain privileges to the FTP site. In order to use DocShuttle, each user must have permissions to Read, Write, Overwrite, Delete, and Rename files on the FTP server.

Some Unix FTP servers do not allow files with spaces in the names to be uploaded. Check with your FTP administrator to see if you have a Unix server that may not allow files with spaces in the name. In some cases, DocShuttle files can be created without any spaces in the file names.

You may have lost your Internet connection. Try disconnecting and reconnecting.

Issue: When I download a voice file, it cannot be played or will not open.

A file may have been decrypted with the wrong decryption password. Check with the administrator to see if files being uploaded are encrypted and if so, check to see that you have the correct decryption password.

Check the file size of the downloaded file. Make sure that the file size is larger than 0 KB. If it is not, it may not have downloaded correctly.