Network Topography

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An Existing PC Network with DSL/Cable Broadband Connection


An Expanded Network With Additional System and Network Segment


The expanded network scheme (blue) is designed to incorporate the new Orator system onto a new and protected segment of the existing network called The existing network (grey) could be identified in one of many ways, the best being by the IP or Internet Protocol address with xxx being the number of a specific computer on this segment. In the expanded network diagram a second network card has been installed in the WinXP PC #4 so that a crossover cable can be connected between it and the Orator system and bypassing the existing network hub. Once connected, the Orator system can only communicate with WinXP PC #4 because it does not lease an IP address from the Internet modem like the other PC’s and therefore cannot communicate with them. This prevents internet hackers from disabling the Orator or stealing data from its folders via the cable/DSL modem.

The WinXP PC #4 system, in this scenario, would run the Export Utility to convert files located on the Orator to .wav files that would be stored on WinXP PC #4. Because WinXP PC #4 also has a network connection to the existing network it has Internet access and can transfer .wav files over the Internet via DocShuttle or another FTP solution.