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WebShuttle is a web-based dictation and transcription platform. Dictators can dictate from any phone, handheld recorder or iPhone. Transcriptionists can access dictation and transcription files securely from anywhere. WebShuttle is designed to manage all aspects of transcription workflow for organizations of any size. WebShuttle features include toll-free call-in dictation, secure web login, document management, electronic signature, quality assurance, printing and detailed billing reports. WebShuttle also seamlessly integrates with the popular DocShuttle desktop transcription software.

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There are three basic user types in WebShuttle: transcriptionists, dictators and administrators. Each user type is given certain permissions for features in WebShuttle. A brief description of the basic user types is explained below.


WebShuttle can be used by dictators who use a telephone or handheld recorders to record dictation. Dictation voice files are automatically routed to transcriptionists. Completed transcribed documents are uploaded back to WebShuttle. Dictators have access to these documents online through WebShuttle. Dictators can use WebShuttle to view completed documents, edit files, upload voice files, and electronically sign documents. These functions are dependent on the permissions granted to the user.


Transcriptionists use WebShuttle to download voice files and upload transcribed documents. Transcriptionists may type directly online into the WebShuttle word processor or they may choose to use DocShuttle desktop software to download voice files and transcribe documents. DocShuttle integrates with Microsoft Word on the transcriptionist’s computer. The WebShuttle interface is also useful for searching for files and running reports.


Administrators can use WebShuttle to manage the transcription workflow, print documents and create billing reports. Administrators generally have access to viewing all dictation and transcription files. Administrators also have access to account information.