DocShuttle FAQs

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  1. Olympus software preventing DocShuttle Dictator from Importing files
  2. DocShuttle Not Showing Recent Documents
  3. Document Manager not showing recent documents
  4. How do I "update" the DocShuttle software?
  5. Duplicated reports in Word (*.doc and *.docx)
  6. Why do some Microsoft Word documents appear blank after being uploaded to the FTP site through DocShuttle?
  7. Is DocShuttle Secure
  8. It takes a very long time to close my DocShuttle software. Why is it closing so slow?
  9. Check for Updates" from the DocShuttle menu, I am not able to receive the latest update.
  10. I am having problems connecting to the FTP server with my DocShuttle software
  11. How is QA (Quality Assurance) done using DocShuttle software?
  12. In DocShuttle, I am getting an error that says "Cannot create file x.tmp". Why?
  13. In DocShuttle, my connection settings were lost. Why?
  14. Some files in DocShuttle Dictator disappeared after importing. What happened?
  15. When someone using DocShuttle Dictator or DocShuttle Administrator downloads documents created in Word 2007/2010, they have problems viewing or printing the documents.
  16. How do I import from multiple recorders into Docshuttle Dictator software?
  17. How do I upgrade from DocShuttle version 5 to DocShuttle version 6? Is there a cost?
  18. I work for two companies, and need to upload files to two different FTP sites. How can I do that in DocShuttle?
  19. Why do I get the message "The license cannot be identified. Please install the required DLLs or purchase a license" when importing files into DocShuttle Dictator?
  20. Some templates that were on my FTP site have disappeared. What happened?
  21. When I try to download and play .ds2 files in DocShuttle Transcriptionist, the files are renamed as .dss and I can't play them.
  22. Can the electronic signature line in DocShuttle or WebShuttle be inserted within the document? Can the font be changed?
  23. Why are transcribed Microsoft word documents re-downloading into DocShuttle Dictator after I have deleted them from my local files?
  24. When I click OK to save my Settings in DocShuttle Transcriptionist, I get a "List Index Out of Bounds" error.
  25. Occasionally, a file in my DocShuttle software will be marked as transferred but no file appears on the server.
  26. Why are duplicate files appearing in my DocShuttle software when importing from a handheld recorder?
  27. The documents that I'm receiving through DocShuttle are garbled. What's happening?
  28. I need to change the number of digits used for the dates in the documents that DocShuttle creates. How do I do that?
  29. I can't see some/any Olympus files marked New or Stat. Why not?
  30. In Windows 10, I'm getting error messages about not being able to see, access, or make changes to files. How do I fix that?
  31. One of my files remains in "Locked" status (file name begins with L) and I can't download it. How do I unlock the file?
  32. What other equipment do I need in order to use DocShuttle software?
  33. Where can I rent an FTP server or space on an FTP server?
  34. Do I have to have my own FTP site to use DocShuttle software?
  35. What is FTP? What is an FTP site?
  36. When I attempt to connect to the FTP with DocShuttle Norton blocked & removed DocShuttle
  37. How can I set up my own FTP server?
  38. Using Philips SpeechMikes with DocShuttle Dictator and VoiceRecorder