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WebShuttle can create various types of custom reports. To create reports, select the Reports | Custom Reports menu option from WebShuttle. Enter the desired criteria into the Custom Reports window to run the report. The user can select the output format to be PDF, text file or Excel CSV format. Administrators can run billing reports based on line counts.


Dictation Call Log

For any WebShuttle accounts using the call-in dictation system, administrators can view the dictation call log to see a history of all calls made to the system. This is useful for seeing how many calls have been made or for determining if a particular dictation job has been recorded. To view the dictation call log, select Reports | Dictation Call Log from the WebShuttle menu.

Call log.jpg

Audit Trail

Another report type available to administrators is the Audit Trail feature. From here Daily Log Files for WebShuttle transfers can be viewed and downloaded as *.txt files for the past 30 days. To view the FTP Audit Trail, select Reports | Audit Trail from the WebShuttle menu.

From within the FTP Audit Trail window, log files can be generated using the drop down field next to Daily Log File. A search feature is also available in the File Name Contains field. The user has the option to include header files in the report by selecting the checkbox at the bottom of the window.

Ftp log.jpg