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WebShuttle Dictate is a voice recorder application that sends dictation directly into the WebShuttle transcription platform.

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  • Download it from the Google Play Store – the mobile app is free and a WebShuttle user account is only $10/month
  • Can be used on your any of your android devices
  • Similar to a handheld recorder, WebShuttle Dictate allows the user to record dictations on a mobile device
  • One huge advantage is that dictation files can be immediately sent to transcriptionists through a wireless Internet connection
  • No need to dock the device or connect it to a USB cable
  • Significantly less expensive than many handheld recorders
  • WebShuttle manages and organizes dictation and transcription files so that workflow is simple

Usage Instructions

After installing the WebShuttle Dictate app and running it for the first time, it will prompt you to enter your login credentials. Enter the username and password assigned. You cannot use your email as the username for this app. Check with the system administrator if you do not have these settings.

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Once you click save the Record button will appear. Tap the Record button to begin recording the first dictation.

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After recording, tap the Pause button to stop.

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After pausing dictation, your file will save to the main screen.

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After saving, click the Rename button.

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Delete the existing file name.

Rename file.png

Rename the file to suit your needs.

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Then press the send button when you have everything completed.

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If your upload was successful this message will appear. Your file can now be accessed in WebShuttle.

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How to Access files from a Computer

Accessing Files from a Mac or PC