Making WavPlayer the Default Program

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WavPlayer can automatically be configured to be the default player for most sound formats including *.wav, *.dss, *.mp3, *.vox and many others. There are several methods for making WavPlayer the default audio player. The different methods are shown below.

Method 1: Use the WavPlayer Settings

Select "Options | Settings" from the WavPlayer menu and click the "Default Types" tab. Click the check box in the Extension column for the File Type you wish to make WavPlayer the default player.


If you are having trouble getting WavPlayer to be the default player, close WavPlayer and try right-clicking on the WavPlayer icon on your desktop and select "Run as Administrator". Try changes the settings as shown above. If you continue to have problems, click here or try one of the other methods described below.

Method 2: Use the "Open With" option in Windows

In order to open WavPlayer by default when clicking on an audio file, follow the steps below.

1. Find an audio file in Windows Explorer as shown below.


2. Right-click on the audio file and select "Open with" from the pop-up menu.


3. Select the "Choose another app" menu option from the pop-out menu as shown below.


4. A popup will open with different applications to choose from. Choose "WavPlayer" and select the box "Always use this app to open .wav files"


5. The logo on the file will change and you have completed changing the default program of that type of audio file to WavPlayer.


6. Repeat these steps for any other types of audio file you wish.

Method 3: Use "Default Programs" in Control Panel

  1. Click Start | Control Panel.
  2. Change view to Large Icons.
  3. Choose "Default Programs" and then click "Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program".
  4. Find ".wav" (or any sound file extension). Double click the entry. Then select WavPlayer from the list (or click Browse to find WavPlayer).
  5. Check the box for "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".
  6. Click OK. Then click Close.


There are three methods of making WavPlayer the default audio player in Windows for various file types.