Setting the Default Audio Player in WebShuttle

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In WebShuttle, it is possible to configure your web browser to automatically open the Bytescribe WavPlayer (or any audio player) when downloading an audio file. This article shows the steps for setting the default audio player when using Google Chrome.

Step 1. First log into WebShuttle and click the download button for an audio file.


Step 2. Once it downloads select the options tab.


Step 3. Click "Show in folder".


Step 4. After you have navigated to the folder, right click on the file and select "Open with" and click on "Choose another app".


Step 5. Choose WavPlayer as your default audio player and select to always use the app to open this type of audio file.


Step 6. For the last step go back to the options tab on the downloaded audio file and choose to always open files of this type.