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Audio files can be transcribed into WebShuttle directly online. WebShuttle has a fully functional online word processor that is compatible with Microsoft Word. Transcriptionists can type directly into the word processor and the documents are saved as Microsoft .doc files.

Creating Documents

To transcribe files online, find the file you wish to transcribe in the Home page and click on the file name link as shown below.

Ws home.jpg

On the File Details page, first click the Download button to download the audio file. You can listen to the audio file and control it with your foot pedal using the Bytescribe WavPlayer or similar audio player. Select the correct template from the "Report Type" field and complete the fields in the form. Click the "Create Document" button as shown in the image below.


A blank template will appear on the screen. Select from one of the editors to begin transcribing the document. There are two editor options: Quick Edit and Edit in Word.


Editor Option 1: Quick Edit

The different editor options are shown below. The "Quick Edit" option is shown below. If using this editor, the users can click the Save Draft or Save and Return buttons after completing the document.

Quick edit.jpg

Editor Option 2. Edit in Word

Also, if Microsoft Word is installed on your computer, the user can select the Edit in Word button to transcribe documents. Clicking the Edit in Word will automatically launch the template in Word.

Word edit.jpg

The Drafts Folder

While documents are being transcribed, the files will appear in the Drafts folder. If there are files in the drafts folder, you will see a notification on the Home page as shown below.


Selecting the Drafts folder will display any draft files.


Completed Documents

Once a document has been transcribed and saved, it will appear in the list on the Home page. The original audio file will be marked with a red flag and will have a notification bubble showing 1 attachment. The completed document is shown below with the Word icon. The document has a similar file name to the audio file.


Quality Assurance

New documents can be sent to another WebShuttle user for Quality Assurance by clicking on the "Send for QA" button. Clicking this button will display a list other users that have QA permissions. Select the user from the list to send the document for QA.